Lao Young Designers Project

Lao Young Designers Project is a non-profit programme of Lao Fashion Week, established in 2014 with the ultimate aims to give platforms to young Lao talents to showcase their creative abilities in fashion sector as well as to provide them opportunities to study and train with international fashion academies so they can pursue their dreams in becoming professional in fashion industry. Lao Young Designers Project has also successfully sent Lao young talents to study and train in acclaimed international fashion academies each year naming the esteemed ESMOD International School of Fashion & Business in Paris (France), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, London College of Design & Fashion in Hanoi (Vietnam), Fashion Institute of the Philippines in Manila (Philippines), and leading fashion houses in Bangkok such as Eaggamon and Pitnapat Fashion House. Many of them have returned home with precious experiences of a lifetime and have established their own fashion labels and become up-and-coming fashion designers of the country. Before Lao Young Designers Project, becoming a fashion designer was just a dream for young talents in Laos. Lao Young Designers Project has made them realised there is nothing impossible as long as there are will and courage and given opportunities. We are proud to have helped young talents pursuing their dreams and becoming the future of fashion industry in Laos.


Livanna Koo


12 July 2018
4 Lao Young Designers 2017 (Khemvilay, Phonepaseuth, Vitxaphonh, Bindiem) took off for their 2 months training in Bangkok, Thailand with famous designers Eaggamon Fashion House & Pitnapat Fashion House. Special thanks to designer Eaggamon Attakamon and Pitnapat Yotinratanachai for their support in giving intensive training for Lao Young Designers. Lao Young Designers Project is a non-profit programme of Lao Fashion Week which aims to develop young talents for the fashion and textile industry for the country. Each year, Lao Young Designers Project sents Top 5 Lao Young Designers to training in various fashion academies in different countries with funding purely from fundraisings and sponsorship from Lao Fashion Week and its partners and sponsors. Fashion for a Good Cause.

6 July 2018
Lao Young Designers showcasing their collections at the fundraising gala dinner 2018.

9 March 2018
One of the ultimate pride of Lao Fashion Week and Lao Young Designers Project is this young talent, Billy Si-amphan Chanthavichit, the first winner of Lao Young Designers Project sent to ESMOD, Paris in 2016 for the 6-month intensive course. Today, Billy has his own fashion label and being active in the fashion scene in Laos. He has made us extremely proud.

6 March 2018
Livanna Koo, Winner of Lao Young Designers Project 2017, 3rd Lao Young Designer sent to attend 6-month intensive course in the prestigious ESMOD, Paris. Sponsored by Lao Fashion Week in Partnership with ESMOD International School of Fashion & Business, and French Embassy Vientiane. She's having a new experience in the int'l fashion world and embracing the cold weather. Bon courage!!!

20 February 2018
Livanna Koo - Winner of Lao Young Designers 2017 took off to Paris, France. The 3rd Edition of Lao Young Designer to attend 6-month intensive fashion design course in the prestigious ESMOD School of Fashion Design & Business in Paris, France. Livanna is the first female Lao young designer to attend ESMOD. The 6-month intensive course scholarship was granted by ESMOD as the partner of Lao Young Designers Project with the support of French Embassy Vientiane, Campus France Laos, French Institute, Lao Fashion Week and all its Partners including Banque Franco-Lao and Lao Brewery Group.

7 July 2017
Khampoun Saengpakay - Runner Up of Lao Young Designers 2016 leaves to Bangkok for his 2-month on-the-job training with famous fashion designers in Bangkok including Eaggamon Fashion House, House of Pitnapat, and Maison de Voravaj. Fully sponsored by Lao Young Designers Project.

5 July 2017
Lao Fashion Week is extremely proud to introduce the successful result of all hard works and contribution of Lao Young Designers Project with the debut of the newest designer and brand in Laos - Billy or Siamphan Chanthavichit, the Winner of Lao Young Designer 2015 who received scholarship to attend the 6-month intensive fashion design course in ESMOD, Paris, France. Billy returned to Laos with brand new experiences that shaped his vision for the future and changed his life forever with his strong will and commitment to help developing fashion industry in Laos. Billy will launch his debut in fashion career by presenting his very first brandname “Billy” and his very first full collection at the Lao Fashion Week 2017.

24 May 2017
Manivone Vansavath (17 years old from Pakse, Champasak), Top 6 Lao Young Designer 2017, 2nd Runner-Up. Receiving award and scholarship for 2 months apprentice/training with leading designers/fashion houses in Bangkok.

24 May 2017
Livanna Koo (18 years old from Vientiane Capital), Winner of Lao Young Designer 2017. Receiving award and scholarship for 6 months intensive design class at ESMOD International School of Fashion and Business, Paris, France.