Motonari Ono

Nationality: Japan
Country of Residence: Japan

«I am endeavoring to make clothes that fit any and every situation; whether the wearer wants her clothes to be the ultimate “cosplay” fashion, an extension of day wear, something for a special occasion, or just wants to try something new. »

Born in 1981, Ono graduated from Mejiro Design School in March 2002.
After graduating from the Foundation Course at London College of Fashion (LCF) in June 2003 with honors, he enrolled in the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerp.
While in Antwerp, he met Bora Aksu, a London designer. He soon joined Aksu and gained valuable experience as a pattern-maker.
In 2007, he established the brand of “motonari ono”.
He was a finalist at the MANGO Fashion Awards in 2010, and with 9 others presented his collection in Barcelona.
In 2013 and 2014 consecutively, Ono was chosen as the Japan Representative for the International Woolmark Prize, a world renowned competition.
In 2014, he formed “pre-mo Pty Ltd.”
Ono has been active in a wide variety of areas such as designing costumes for artists, preparing designs for special events, producing wedding dresses,
and creating graphic designs for magazines and advertising.