Nationality: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Country of Residence: Lao People's Democratic Republic

Viengkham Nanthavongdouangsy, founder of KHANG silk and fashion company, weaving artist and master of ancient silk, she is the most prominent fashion designer in Laos. Her collections are always a highlight in all major fashion shows in which she has participated. Viengkham’s work has received many awards for excellent quality and design, and her meticulous quality and high standard of craftsmanship has won her much appreciation across Asia.

Apart from being busy with weaving and fashion creation, Viengkham is also passionate in researching and writing, and has published many books on Lao textiles, the most recent being “Contemporary Lao Woven Textiles”. In 2018 she wrote films on natural dyeing of Laos for a project run by USAID.

In 2018 Viengkham brought to New York City her specially designed KHANG ready-to-wear collection, for which she has chosen minimalist style. Her designs stun audiences by the culture-twist and the innovative fusion of Lao silk and modern fashion.

Viengkham will show her latest collection at Lao Fashion Week 2019.